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TANIK® + stop rust

The professionnals preferred anti rust

TANIK ®+ neutralises rust and further protects the metal under the coatings. TANIK ®+ is directly applied on rust, penetrates it deeply and converts it chemicaly into a stable compound inhibiting any further rusting.

TANIK ®+ forms after 3 hours only a black and stable surface ready for further overcoating. The passivating TANIK ®+ film improves the adhesion of paints to the metal and extends significantly the lifetime of the applied coatings, from 2 to 5 times.

TANIK ®+ is thus the ideal economical and quick treatement for steel and iron. For interior-exterior, old and new surfaces. With only one easy operation, after removing all loose rust, apply only one coat of TANIK ®+. Yhe surface can be humid. Allow 3 hours drying time, do not sandpaper and apply a premium quality overcoat.

Superior protection and durability will be obtained by using the high-quality-corrosion-inhibiting paints TANIK ®PRIM primer and TANIK ®TOP.

TANIK ® is a Belgian product which has been demonstrating its effectiveness since 1960. It has been used successfully for decades on industrial sites for the treatment of bridges, buildings or locomotives as well as by private individuals for domestic use on a vehicle, a chair or a bicycle.

TANIK ®+ is available in several packs. It is a non-flammable product, free of lead and chromates. It is non-toxic.

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